It’s easy to forget about appropriate skin care in the summer, we get it! Who doesn’t love feeling the sunshine on our face? However, it is our job at estheticians to warn against too much skin exposure… age spots, premature wrinkles and the risk of sun cancer. To keep it healthy, your skin needs some backup during the warmer months! Read further to understand our top tips to keep skin smooth all summer long.

When it comes to summertime, it’s important that you always, always, always (yes that’s three always!) prepare skin for sun exposure. Sun protection is crucial to prevent peeling, age spots, dull skin, premature aging, and so on. Remind your clients that UV rays can be the strongest during cloudy days and to never underestimate the sun.

Exfoliate once a week
The climate is always something we should take into consideration during summer… the heat can wipe the moisture out of skin, leaving it to look dull and dry. Exfoliation rids the skin of flakiness and exposes the glowing skin underneath. And for an added benefit, exfoliation also allows the skin cells to regenerate quicker! In addition to your exfoliation sessions, have products like the Tu’el Exfoliation Kit available for home care purchase.

Drink plenty of water
When it comes to wondering how to take care of skin in summer, drinking plenty of water is a priority. In our opinion, the importance of hydration is nearly always overlooked! In addition to hydrating for the hotter weather, water flushes out toxins that can dull the skin. Always offer a glass of water to clients after facials and other treatments, which allows you time to discuss ways to amp up your water intake from fruits and veggies too!

Last but not least, an effective moisturizer is the surefire way to keep skin smooth all summer long. It’s easy to forget to moisturize during summer because the skin is moist from sweating or humidity, but skin still needs soothing. However, discuss the importance of keeping a regular skin care and moisturizing routine regardless of how the weather affects skin.