We all get into the skin care industry for many different reasons. Whether you became an esthetician because you were interested in owning your own business, or you wanted to work in a helping profession, there’s one thing we all want: to be the best at what we do! Grow your business, or start your career, by following these four tips on how to become a successful esthetician.

Promote yourself
Some of the most successful estheticians rely on themselves to bring in the business… don’t rely on your company’s marketing and foot traffic to market yourself. Try to come up with a few esthetician marketing ideas, or consult with a few of your trusted co-workers.

Set goals
From the beginning of your career or the opening of your business, set your career path in stone. Figure out what you love before you end up repeatedly changing jobs at different day spas! If you want to own your own business someday, then search for opportunities that will allow you to sharpen your management skills. If you want to focus on botanical skin care, then seek out salons that are dedicated to using natural products. In other words, the sooner, the better!

Invest in your own esthetician education
Another way that some of the most successful estheticians build their careers is through education. Invest in your your skills by attending trade shows, seminars, displays, etc. Be that person who is willing to allocate extra time into your trade, and your career will thank you in the long run.

Be open to changing your routines with new changes in the industry
The skin care industry is constantly changing, thanks to new research, findings, and products. Consider all the knowledge we have now compared to 30 years ago. Think about it: sun protection in the 1970s… was there such a thing!? Be on the forefront of new procedures and techniques, and while you should stay loyal to what’s most important to you, it is crucial to be flexible as a skin care specialist.