Why not create a “healthier kitchen” as a way to enjoy a fresh start in 2018? This can apply to your home kitchen or the kitchen at your salon...since many of these things can easily be kept on hand for clients or team members (added salon perk...healthy snacks?) to enjoy. And as you know, what you put inside your body is a crucial part of having healthy skin...so make sure you have these four items in your kitchen at all times for a healthier new you in 2018.

Fruits & Veggies

Okay, slightly obvious, but don’t count out the health benefits of fruits & veggies even in the winter months. In addition to citrus and apples, always stock your kitchen with fresh potatoes, limes, onions, lemons, and garlic for cooking. Look for recipes that call for only fresh produce as ingredients. Consider adding veggies to eggs, smoothies and muffins in place of other ingredients...and of course, don’t forget to eat them as snacks!

Greek yogurt

Low or non-fat, it’s a perfect choice for high-quality protein...17 grams in fact...which is equivalent to three eggs. Greek yogurt includes many essential nutrients such as potassium and calcium. Use it with your fruit to make a smoothie, as an oatmeal topper, or as a replacement for for sour cream or mayo.


Studies show those that eat nuts have a lower risk for heart disease and certain cancers. Plus they are a great grab-and-go snack for in between clients! But remember portion control is key with nuts because they are higher in fat. Think about toasting them for more flavor and use on your greek yogurt, in salads, and on roasted veggies.

Canned beans

Canned beans are one of the most convenient, inexpensive, and versatile staples in your pantry. Rich in fiber, iron, protein, and potassium...you should shoot to consume ½ a cup three times a week. Some ideas include snacking on roasted chickpeas, or spread hummus on your sandwich instead of mayo. Plus it’s soup season so be sure to add them to hearty soups and chili.