True story. How your skin looks on the outside is a pretty good indicator as to what is going on inside your body. It’s pretty clear your clients know how you feel about all the benefits botanicals offer the skin when used in natural skin care products, but they can also do wonders if made part of a healthy diet. So if your clients are looking to keep their skin glowing all summer long and asking you for some tips, read on for some of the best botanicals for the skin and their benefits.


Vitamin C is pretty much everything, and exactly why you need papaya in the summer. A powerful antioxidant, vitamin C can give you tons of protection from free radicals which can damage skin cells...and it’s also the key nutrient that makes collagen. Bring on the papaya!


Full of healthy oils and vitamin E, this powerful little green fruit will hydrate and protect your skin without clogging your pores. And from avocado toast to summer salads, working this into your meals every day is easier than you think.  


From water to iced tea to mojito’s, mint brings a refreshing flavor that screams summertime. But the real magic is in the oils found in mint leaves (and we’re talking about all types of mint such as spearmint, catnip, and lemon balm). Full of vitamins, minerals, and anti-inflammatory properties, mint is the perfect ingredient for cold infused water. Just toss a handful of fresh mint in a pitcher of water and refrigerate overnight. Now you are hydrating and taking care of your skin!

Dandelion Greens

It’s salad season and if dandelion greens aren’t one of your main ingredients, you’re missing out on your daily dose of vitamins A and K and well as collagen-producing vitamin C. Plus dandelion greens can help aid in digestion, fight cancer, boost your immune system. Need we say more?