The more natural the better right? That seems to be the mindset lately, as there’s been a bigger shift in the last few years towards a natural-minded lifestyle. Many mainstream brands are just now tapping into the health conscious consumer. In fact, The Skin Care Blog predicted that this past year, 2016, would see a trend in natural beauty, treating it as if it were no longer just a fad. At Tu’el, we are excited to see this shift, as we’ve always known that the natural approach is far more than just a trend--it’s a lifestyle choice. Our skin care professionals aren’t choosing to use a vegan, cruelty free, and botanical-based line because it’s the cool thing to do. You, like us, understand the benefits and promise your customers safe, ethical and effective products. We are proud to say at Tu’el, we set that health conscious skin care foundation thanks to the innovation of our founder Eva Friederichs.

Botanical Ingredients
In today’s world, it’s mainstream knowledge that ingredients such as green tea or avocado have powerful effects. But back in 1980, that research was only beginning. And can you guess who was at the forefront of botanical skin care research then? Ding, ding, ding! It was Eva.

Let’s get real here: your customers expect glowing and soft skin. If they step out from a facial with a red face and hives or a rash, they are not going to be happy! You have to stand behind your products, and it’s your responsibility if the harsh chemicals do cause a reaction. And while natural skin care products are popping up all over the place, it’s good to always remember that Tu’el has 30+ years of experience in botanical beauty...translation? That’s 30 years of perfecting health conscious skin care products that never include parabens or synthetic fragrances.

Transparency is extremely important in today’s world especially because of the commonality of allergies. Consumers are more invested in products they can trust and ingredients they can understand than ever before (It’s kind of frightening when an ingredient sounds like a toxic chemical right??!!). And rather than beating around the bush and producing ambiguous statements about what goes into our products, Eva worked for decades on committing to high-quality ingredients and ethical business practices. You can ensure your clients that Tu’el is safe and effective. We promise, Tu’el will forever be transparent: you can check out our complete list of ingredients here.