To truly understand aging and the skin you must first know what free radicals are and a bit about oxygen.

Here is a quick chemistry lesson that should make it easy to understand. The healthy cells in your body are made up of stable and balanced atoms. These atoms have an even number of electrons. These happy atoms dance around other evenly balanced atoms in a harmonious symphony of movement. They join with other attractive, and witty atoms to become molecules. Those molecules make cells in the body. When an atom is uneven and has an odd number of electrons it is called a Free Radical. It is a high-energy atom that has no dance skills and is desperately looking to take an electron from someone else so it can be balanced. It bounces around dazed and confused and maybe a little angry and bitter. This bouncing around and taking of electrons causes a chain reaction because every electron it steals from a balanced atom turns that atom into a free radical. It’s a vicious circle of off-beat dancing and theft and destruction. All of this commotion damages cells and are believed to accelerate the signs of aging and cause disease.

Oxygen is good…except when it is bad. When an oxygen atom loses an electron it creates a free radical that is super charged. When environmental stress levels are high like UV or heat exposure, the Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) increase dramatically and may result in significant damage to cells. These aren’t your ordinary rhythm-less dancers. They are looking for a fight and thrive on chaos.

Antioxidants are the heros to our free radical nightmare. They fight free radicals with love. Well, actually they give free radicals what they need to be happy. Antioxidants give away electrons, thus neutralizing the chain of events that follows their path of destruction. The best part is that antioxidants don’t become free radicals by giving away an electron. They join the atom dance and couldn’t care less if they have even or odd electrons. They’re just happy to be invited to the dance at all.

With the amazing knowledge that science has provided we know that eating nutritious foods that are rich in antioxidants and free radical fighters is extremely important. We also know that using topical products for the health of our skin is not only good for us but helps us retain and in some cases rebuilds our youthful appearance. Using skin care focused on promoting healthy skin and neutralizing the effects of free radicals is essential. Tu’el has combined natural ingredients, the best in cosmetic chemistry and research in developing products that cleanse, tone, protect and nourish the skin. Developed for professionals to deliver results for their clients, Tu’el Skin Care is for every body, every skin type, every ethnicity, and every lifestyle. Available to skin care professionals and anyone looking to maintain, restore and protect healthy, beautiful skin. Follow our blog to learn what we are made of and discover why Tu’el is the best skin care for you.