It’s that special time of year, Mother’s Day, where we get to honor mothers everywhere. Did you know the holiday is celebrated across 46 countries throughout the world with everything from gift giving to pampering and festive meals eaten together? For us, our mother is an inspiration in everything we do and created a legacy we are honored to follow. So how did such a leader in the skincare industry, who happens to be our mom, inspire us?

“The biggest thing she did for us is to never quit.”
Here’s the deal… our mom, Eva Friederichs, was a boss. Figuratively yes, but literally too! She started Eva’s Esthetics on her own without a banker willing to fund her business and in an era where women could rarely get a credit card. To us, the phrase, “Everything is possible.” is very real. So, where does that leave us? Without any excuses, that’s for sure!

“Her focus on what is best for the skin as well as for women in business was her relentless goal.”
While mom taught us to never give up in business and in life, she also taught us to never sell ourselves short. She invested in creating products that relied on the power of botanicals and were made to work for every skin type. As sisters and female business owners, we’ve followed mom’s commitment to natural ingredients: no sulfates, parabens, synthetic dyes or fragrances… all without animal testing. Our focus is on treating the skin, and regardless of business motives or profits, our goal is to focus on what is best for the skin.

So, celebrating Mother’s Day is easy for us. We’ve kept Tu’el in the family, and we see our mom’s influence in our business and lives every day. With that in mind, here’s an idea: take the time to tell your mom how she inspires you this Mother’s Day! Enjoy your day!