The Tu’el Herbal Toners are back in brown and are yummier than ever.

We've added natural brown sugar extract and caramel back to the formula to provide the exceptional oil break-down needed in the emulsification process. The new formulas are better at releasing the excess oil from the skin, rinsing clean with water, and naturally smell like a warm snickerdoodle with a drizzle of vanilla frosting.

Tu’el Cleansing Oils are the best skin cleansers available because they deeply cleanse the pores and leave the skin supple, soft, and radiant. The key to breaking down the oil and balancing the skin is sugar. Not just any sugar¦.Brown Sugar and Caramel.

What to expect from your new Herbal Toner:

  1. Rinses the cleansing oil with more efficiency
  2. Additional exfoliating properties
  3. Adds moisture and conditions the skin
  4. Natural anti-bacterial
  5. Smells like heaven

Every skin type from dry to acne to reactive benefits from a cleansing oil and herbal toner. Specially formulated for your skin type and delivering gorgeous, healthy skin, the improved formulation will leave you amazed ... and hungry for a cookie.