There are several botanicals with near magical powers, but there’s one fruit in particular that renews, smoothes and protects like no other: blackberry. They’re delicious, yes, but the fruit also has a strong place in anti aging and under eye products. Here are some of the top blackberry fruit benefits for skin to add to your professional education.

Strong antioxidant
One of the primary benefits of blackberries for skin is its abundance of antioxidants… in fact, its antioxidants are so strong that it has been shown to combat cancer risks! But it also has implications for sun protection too -- one study even found that berries prevent the UV damage that leads to wrinkles, which is why it’s an ingredient in Tu’el Eye Corrector Firm & Lighten Gel. This powerful gel helps to protect the most vulnerable area of the face!

Ellagic acid
You may have read or studied ellagic acid, but it’s extremely powerful at counteracting sun damage. This antioxidant, which is in most berries, helps skin fight the breakdown of elastin and collagen. And we all know this is a primary issue that we see in the under eye area! Combine blackberry-infused products and recommend a blackberry-filled diet for a double-dose of under eye firming.

Vitamin C and Vitamin E
Last on our list of blackberry benefits for skin, this powerful fruit is a great source for your skin to get its fix of Vitamin C and Vitamin E. While Vitamin C is known widely for its immunity boost, it partners up with Vitamin E to maintain healthy fats. Your skin contains free radicals that burn fat, which can lead to wrinkled skin. But recruit these two powerhouse vitamins in anti-aging treatments or firming facials that keep your skin fat healthy, radiant and wrinkle free.

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