Ready to rewrite your bucket list? As we’ve mentioned before, winter is a great time to get out and explore...there’s something beautiful and calming about traveling during the winter months. Sound exciting? Well get your passports ready, turn your salon over to your trustworthy staff, and discover some of the top countries to visit in 2018. Who knows what beauty secrets you will bring back with you!


Mark Twain wrote, “Mauritius was made first and then heaven…” If that’s the case, count us in. With stunning beaches, diverse culture, and rich cuisine, this destination is absolutely breathtaking and ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. Wellness focused, options a for spa treatments are of the highest quality with a range of Asian, African and Creole treatments made from locally grown products.


From the Andes in the east to the Pacific Ocean on the west, Chile is surrounded by nature in a major way...making it the world’s adventure destination. And with the trendy capital of Santiago celebrating 200 years of independence in 2018, there has never been a better time to visit. Don’t forget about Chile’s beautiful wine country, known for its rich reds, crisp whites, and floral rosés.


The world’s most populated country is a big, beautiful, and mysterious place ready to explore. Recent upgrades to major attractions such as Beijing's Imperial Palace makes this a must see destination offering a rich history and a bright future.


Seizing the spotlight as a destination know for art, culture and cuisine, Portugal just won a World Travel Award and is as affordable as it is breathtaking. Did we mention cuisine? Seven new restaurants earned Michelin stars in 2017.