As a salon & spa owner or manager, it’s your job to pull together the best talent and the most highly qualified team. That’s the easy part! The difficult part can be finding ways to keep and motivate employees. And you know what they say (well, what Forbes says!): happy employees equal happy customers… in a client-centered business, excellent customer service is priority number one.

Create a positive and motivational culture
You can’t find fun ways to motivate your salon staff without first creating a positive and motivational company culture. Think of somewhere that you’d love to work… a company that promotes transparency, plenty of employee and manager interaction, respect, and one that has strong values.

You’ll find that there are plenty of ways to motivate your salon staff, but there’s always a competitive group of people out there that work hard for incentives! Set realistic goals for your staff, and provide spa staff incentives to motivate employees to go after them. Here are a few ideas:

  • Pay raise
  • Appointment preference for highest rebooking rate
  • Extra day of PTO
  • Commission percentage on homecare products

Provide them with excellent training
If you’re looking for salon motivation, then you have to include training! Providing advanced education is a simple way to empower your employees… give them the tools and training they need to take incentive in the workplace. Employees feel more confident and engaged in their work, what more could you ask for!? If you have the budget, pick out a few conferences or trade shows to attend with a handful of employees.

Value your employees
Valuing your employees goes hand-in-hand with creating a positive company culture! It’s simple: treat your employees like you’d want to be treated. Provide verbal praise, and create an employee of the month program to provide validation for a job well done. Don’t forget that one-on-one meetings can go a long way… employees feel heard, and they’ll have great ideas for the business!

When you partner with Tu’el, you and your employees receive hands-on training, skin care classes, and the Tu’el Technical Manual and a Facial Techniques Video. A staff that knows the ins-and-outs of its products easily creates a professional and trustworthy environment! Click here to create an account today.