Summer is a great time to focus on building your salon and spa client base...potential clients are more likely to be suffering from sun damage and heat on their skin and are looking for help. Capturing this new client base can be done quickly just by following a few of these marketing ideas...all designed to make sure you are front and center when they are ready for your professional help.

1. Focus specials and promotions on your seasonal best services and products

Look back through your records from the past few years… what were the best selling services in summer? Likely, it was waxes and skin treatments that focus on dry or aging skin. Put your creative hat on and develop a special or promotion focused on these seasonal treatments and products. The great thing about a seasonal promotions is it’s an easy way to grab first-time customers. Offering a promotion such as three treatments for a certain price ensures those customers will be back will for multiple experiences.

2. Develop your craft

There are two parts to being an excellent professional: interpersonal skills and technical skills. To build up your clientele (and build it up fast), work on your communication and interpersonal skills with the clients you already have. On average, one happy customer tells nine people… nine. Not only do clients prefer likeable professionals, but this is your best resource for new clients. Offer a referral program for current customers as a way to get new customers in the door easily and quickly, while also taking care of your current customers.

3. Get involved in outdoor events

It’s summer, so that means nearly everyone is spending time outdoors...much of that at local community events. Say yes to all farmers’ markets for example, and find ways to participate in street fairs, festivals, downtown events, etc. The potential exposure for your business is huge with your local community. This is also a great opportunity to promote the botanical nature of Tu’el products and tie them into these events...especially the natural feel of farmers’ markets. Also make sure to have your social media channels available and share and tag your location in pictures on social. You can gain some followers and future customers at events like this, while creating a gorgeous Instagram feed...all of which are great ways to connect.