Did you know Bento Boxes can make a huge impact on your kids’ consumption of fruits and veggies? Read on for some of the healthiest and most unique Bento Box lunches your kids will love as much as you do...and just in time for back-to-school. Maybe even try some and share with your clients at the spa...or trade recipes!

Italian Orzo Pasta Salad

Make ahead and healthy? Yes please! This is a great option for lunches, picnics, or quick dinners during the week. Include some fruit, cheese bites, and almonds for a well-balanced lunch that will quickly become a school-day favorite.

Sandwich Kabobs

Say goodbye to traditional sandwiches and hello to this lunchtime twist. Throw in some sweet potato or veggie chips, and some fruit to round out this extra fun lunchtime option.

Fall Flavors

Celebrate the season with some of the best foods for fall. Turkey and cranberry sandwiches, rainbow carrots, and pomegranate seeds add some new flavors when it comes to classic lunch ideas. Include some shelled edamame for protein and apple slices with caramel for dessert.

Burrito Bowl

A burrito bowl is packed with protein and energy foods that will keep your kids fueled up for their school day. Sliced veggies, cheese, corn, and some quinoa and brown rice make for yummy lunch option.