Waxing for the first time can be a nerve wracking experience for anyone. Although it’s not in the direct job description for waxing and skin care professionals, it’s pretty much our responsibility to make the experience positive! Here are five ways to help make the waxing experience as painless as possible.

Have Them Take Ibuprofen an Hour Before The Appointment
Your first recommendation should be to take Ibuprofen with a glass of water about an hour before the appointment. That way, your client is fully prepped by the time they get in the salon. Plus, Ibuprofen has somewhat of a placebo effect! Even if it doesn’t do much, our mind thinks we can handle the pain.

Make the Customer Comfortable
If your client is tense, it will make the wax not only more painful, but it will be uncomfortable and a bad experience. The goal, after all, is to get clients to return. Make it a positive experience by making it a spa-like, relaxing environment. If you have some clients who seem to always tense up, consider offering additional services such as a short facial massage for a small fee.

The Wax Does Matter
Don’t try to save on costs by using a cheaper wax because the wax does truly matter. Some waxes are actually less painful, especially ones that have a smooth application. Berodin Black is a gentle option that leaves no sticky residue.

Make sure Hair is at Least a ¼ Inch Long
Wax will not be able to pull the hair if it’s too short anywhere on the body. Too long and the wax could be more painful. You’ll want to recommend that your clients have around ¼ inch long hair for the most pristine and painless wax. To give clients a timeline, let them know to stop shaving or plucking about three weeks before the appointment.

Have Clients Exfoliate the Weeks Leading Up to the Appointment
Exfoliating the week of their appointment works out any ingrown hairs that could wreak havoc. Secretly, this makes your job easier too. Exfoliation also removes dead and dry skin that can make it hard for wax to grab hair. But once your clients get past that initial wax, they should be exfoliating every day.